Prospective Imam Candidate

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Prospective Imam candidate

 🌹 Good News🌹

We are pleased to inform the Muslim community of the upcoming visit of prospective Emam Mustafa Salem to our Islamic center this Saturday (11/20) and Sunday (11/21). We encourage everyone to come and join us. The Following program (In Shaa Allah) is listed below:

  • Saturday 11/20

    • 3:30-5 pm: SISTERS ONLY discussion and talk

    • 5:20 pm: Salat Maghreb led by Sheikh Mostafa then talk by him until salat Isha

    • Brothers and sisters are welcome to attend.

    • 7:30 pm: Sheikh will lead Salat isha followed by talk with the brothers then we will have a Q&A session.

    • By 8:30 pm: There will be tea with the brothers.

  • Sunday 11/21

    • Fajr-8:00 am: Fajr salat with brothers and halaqa (short talk) afterwards Tea and a light breakfast provided Br Asif

    • 11:00 am-2:00 pm: Sheikh will  meet with the Sunday school teachers and students

    • 2:30 pm-3:30 pm: Sheikh will meet with the MYG counselors and youth

    • 3:30 pm: Sheikh will be given a quick tour of the city of Greenville until salat Maghreb.

    • 7:30 pm: Sheikh will lead salat Isha and short halaqa with the brothers, sisters, and all other community members that would like to participate.

  •  Monday 11/22

    • Sheikh lead the Fajr prayer, Halakah & breakfast with the brothers.

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