The Muslim Youth Group (MYG) was started 3 years ago with an earnest desire to serve in some small way the needs of Muslim Youth in the Greenville area.  Classes initially were held on Saturdays in the first year but were combined in year 2 with the existing Friday classes that were being offered for youth in the Masjid to minimize duplication and broaden the base of students who could benefit.  In year 3, classes were moved upstairs to allow more focused time and attention to older youth.  In year 4, activities were broadened to include: a curriculum covering various Islamic topics, service projects (Health fair, food drives), and sports activities (wall climbing, basketball), and attending conferences (MSA East Zone conference).

Word from the MYG Counselors

We thank you for your interest in the MYG and appreciate the trust you have put in us by enrolling your son or daughter. It is important to understand that our youth are seeking to balance their Islamic values and upbringing in a society that frequently contradicts these values.  It is not any easy task but one if handled correctly will make them better Muslims in the future. As parents, you are doing the heavy lifting to accomplish this noble goal. We are here to help in some small way towards that effort.

MYG Counselors

Waseem Ahmed

Sr Waseem moved to Greenville, NC with her family in the mid 90s. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in public health.   Having attended public school in Greenville, she has a good understanding of what it is like to grow up as a Muslim in the area and offers guidance and support based on firsthand experience. Sr Waseem has done an amazing job in her first year and has brought many novel formats to our curriculum to keep it fun and engaging.

Abid Butt

Br Abid spent part of his youth in the greater New York area and is originally from Pakistan. He is currently faculty at the Brody School of Medicine in the Division of Pulmonary Critical Care. He has devoted a significant amount of his time to the Islamic Center and delivers Khutbah on an ad-hoc basis. Br Abid in his first year has brought a strong background in Islamic knowledge to the MYG classes and has been a very valuable asset due to his ability to explain sometimes complex questions posed by our youth.

Moahad Dar

Br Moahad moved to Greenville, NC when he was 7 in 1979 and grew up in the area. He is currently a faculty member in the Brody School of Medicine. Br Moahad feels great empathy for these youth because he too grew up in Greenville and knows what it feels to be the only Muslim in school. He is a strong believer in the MYG because it can help Muslim youth “vent” their feelings and challenges from the week.

Faiza Mustafa

Sr Faiza was born and raised here in Greenville, NC where she attended public school. She recently completed her bachelor’s in Biological Sciences from N.C State University. She was very active in the Muslim Students Association where she served as a member of the shura. This is her first year as a counselor and she brings with her a fresh outlook on how Muslim students can effectively engage in their local communities. We are excited and look forward to her many contributions.

Nowairah Syed

Sr Nowairah spent part of her youth in Saudi Arabia and then moved to the Washington, DC area as a teenager. She attended Islamic schools and has formal training in Islamic Sciences. She is currently the principle of the Sunday school and her husband Salman Ashraf is a faculty member in the Brody School of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Disease. Sr Nowairah brings a dynamic quality to the MYG and has helped bring innovative approaches to our curriculum.