BoD and Shura meeting on March 27, 2019

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Board of Directors (BoD) and Shura meeting on March 27, 2019–Highlights:

1. No one except a Majlis ash-Shura member or a Board of Director will have the right to call the police unless threatened or an emergency

2. Hiring an off-duty police officer for 2 hours to assist with the parking for Jummah prayer

3. Brother Abdulrahim Namaz and the person already assisting him will continue directing the parking with the off-duty police officer.

4. The off-duty police officer will have authority to call a tow truck for anyone not obeying parking rules

5. No firearms of any kind will be allowed on the Masjid property. Anyone having a gun in their car must park on the street. This will be announced at the next Jumuah service

6. There is no person that the BoD or Shura have assigned to be in charge of security.


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