Asalam Alaykom families of Greenville,

This is Manal Shaheen, Principal of Sunday school. I am excited to announce that Sunday school will begin August 28th. Enrollment is open to all children ages 5 and up.

We will be holding our open house on August 14th at 12:00pm to register your children.

New Students will be testing on Quran and Arabic Language, so I encourage you to bring your kids with you. The registration fee is $ 150 per child.

We need new teachers to volunteer teaching in any of the 3 subjects: Arabic Language ,Quran ,And Islamic Studies ( for all grade levels) , please keep in mind that; teaching in the Sunday school takes only 3 hours or less per week of your time.

If you are planning or willing to volunteer please contact me at (252) 347 3332 or by email address: I am also pleased to mention that Sr. Randa Shouman Khalil will serve as the Vice Principal.

Thanks everyone and wish you a good day,