Sample Activities from 2012-2013

Islamic Education

We focused on learning about the life and times of various prophets and the first four caliphs. Students were taught didactically by counselor and were also asked to prepare presentations for the class.

Interactive Games

Skits, role playing games, and Islamic trivia such as Jeopardy and Taboo based on concepts covered in class.

Attendance of MSA at National East Zone Conference

In March, we attended the National MSA East Zone conference in Raleigh to give youth an exposure to knowledgeable Islamic speakers and other Muslim youth.

Social and Recreational Activities

-Local outings for frozen yogurt and lunch

-Interfaith sessions with local church youth group

-Wall climbing, volleyball, and basketball at local recreational center

Service Projects

-Bake sale fundraiser for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC

-Organized a health fair that provided free health services and education to the community.

-Participated in the Acts of Kindness campaign by cleaning up a local neighborhood.

What to expect from the 2013-2014 year…

  • Meet local Muslim youth and form friendships
  • Learn a curriculum focused on exploring the Qur’an and applying its lessons to daily life
  • Discuss current events and life growing up as a Muslim Youth
  • Service projects to benefit both the Muslim community and broader local community
  • Qur’an memorization and recitation skills
  • Local outings for social and recreational activities
  • Trips to Islamic events geared toward Muslim Youth
  • Engage and interact with local Muslim speakers on relevant topics