BoD and Shura meeting on March 27, 2019

Board of Directors (BoD) and Shura meeting on March 27, 2019–Highlights: 1. No one except a Majlis ash-Shura member or a Board of Director will have the right to call the police unless threatened or an emergency 2. Hiring an off-duty police officer for 2 hours to assist with the parking for Jummah prayer 3….

Help Needed to Provide Services to Area Correctional Centers

Br. Bahjat who is coordinating effort to provide services to Muslims at Correctional Facilities is requesting volunteers to help with this effort. He has informed of an orientation event at the Craven Correctional Institution on Feb 13, 2018 at 6:30pm, and is requesting support. Please call Br. Bahjat 252-268-2615 to let him know about your…

Zakat Collection and Distribution

Any muslim member can ask for zakat by filling out a zakat application which will be reviewed by the zakat committee established by the Shoora and then the zakat will be distributed in a reasonable time in-sha-Allah.

Land Acquisition

If you have not heard it already, here is the good news! Considering the growing needs of Greater Greenville Muslim community, IAENC management has acquired a 26-acre land close to the intersection of Firetower Road and Charles Blvd. Now is the time to get involved, support your center. Visit the Masjid and actively contribute to…