Masjid Donations & New MOHID system

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IAENC shura would like to thank the Muslim community for their generosity during Ramadan and asks all of you to also to step forward and help us reach our goal of $6000 for the Direct Deposit Campaign. The new MOHID kiosk system is working and allows debit and credit card donations to be directly deposited in the Masjid’s checking account. Launched on May 8th, the MOHID system has helped us reach $3000 but we are about $2700 short of our goal.

The MOHID Kiosks are located on brothers and sisters side. Br Eslam, Saeed, Farhad, Moahad and sisters Samar, Entisar and Maliha can accept your check or cash donations if you do not wish to use the Mohid system.

You can also send donations into IAENC bank account, via number listed on DONATE page. 

Please donate generously and help us reach our goal so we can recruit an imam and cover the costs of our Masjid. 

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