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Check out the eligibility requirements to become an active member of Islamic Association of Eastern North Carolina. Become more active in the affairs of your community by becoming a member.


    • Download and fill out this membership application form and drop it in the donation box at the al-Masjid Islamic Center in Greenville.

The IAENC management will review the submitted membership application to ensure that the membership requirements are met before it is approved. For any questions regarding membership, please contact us at JazakumuLlahu Khair.


Membership Eligibility Requirements (per IAENC Constitution)

Any Muslim who resides anywhere and endeavors to practice Islam as a total way of life, and accepts to respect the sanctity of Masjid can come to the Masjid for daily congregational prayers and/or other Islamic activities.   He or she does not have to register with the Organization.  Any Muslim, at or above the age of maturity (puberty), who resides in Eastern North Carolina area, agrees to abide by and respect the Constitution and Bylaws of the Organization, can apply for the voting membership of the Organization. Such Muslim brother or sister who satisfies the above conditions of membership must register with the Organization either as an individual or as a member of his or her family to become a member.

Membership, if approved, is valid for one full year from the date of registration application. Upon expiration, a grace period of no more than one year is allowed for renewal, after which re-registration for new membership is required.

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